I King or "Book of Changes" is one of the oldest classic text ever arrived.
The ideogram "I" represents a Chameleon while "King" means "Classic" (referred to a text).
The book, in ancient times, was only a combination of simple horizontal lines, either unbroken or broken, Yang and Yin. These lines were  divided into set of six; the possible arrangements were represented by sixty-four "HEXAGRAMS".
Traditionally the principles of I King  originated  with Fu Hsi (3000 a.C.). But a long time after a progenitor of the Chou dynasty, King Uenn, while prisoner of the tyrant Ciou Shin,  added short sentences to the chaotic signs. Afterwards, his son, "The Duke of Chou", enriched the single lines with a text. Confucius, later, completed the work and wrote a commentary on each hexagram.
I King was the heart of the Ancient thoughts; they used to live in touch with nature and from nature they took out images that nowadays are hardly comprehensible.

Although I King is an "unopened" book, its application in Martial Arts in general and, specifically, in the Kung Fu of Master Chang, is essential not only for the moral principles included but also for the physical practice: look at the five Shaolin diagrams related to the diagram so called by "Fu Hsi" or to the 108 techniques of Tai Chi connected to the 64 hexagrams  

    I King is based on the principle that everything is changing: going with this one means to be in harmony with life or, more properly, with Tao.
For I King also the state of quietness, if applied at the right time, becomes that  " movement" that allows to go with the changes.
Besides being both a precious text of history on the Eastern people's ancient habits and a book of philosophy,  from which teachings for life can be taken, I King is also an oracular book : this is the way it is better known.



The text doesn't own magic properties, being made of sheets of paper without life: but it is a very good method to reflect and clarify "the unconscious thoughts" of those who are consulting it; it encourages that "Intuition" that is already inside the person who makes the question.

The "Oracular consultation", taught during the stage organized by the European Federation Kung Fu School "Fong Ttai", allows to understand the general structure of the book and to learn the "yarrow stalks" method, the most useful one for appropriately querying and finding the answer.
Moreover in the stage, the most fortunate conditions to consult the book and some of the answers, often hermetic, of the "Book of Changes" are deepened.
Every year between January and February, Master Bestetti that has been studying I King for more than twenty years, has a stage of one day (morning and afternoon), open to a limited number of affiliated to the F.E.S.K. Fong Ttai.