The FESK organizes a course for instructors open to all the scholars of Kung Fu taught by the Master Chang. They must have the 1° Chieh either of Tai Chi or Shaolin. The course is open also to those, who, having the same Kung Fu degree, just want to deepen their knowledge of Kung Fu but they are not interested in teaching.
The course lasts overall three years: at the end of each year, the scholar takes an exam both practical and theoretical. Getting through it, he becomes instructor of first, second or third degree. 
At the end of the third year and passed the exam of third degree, the instructor can start examining the scholars of a degree not higher than the 1° Chieh.
To the achievement of 5° cheih of Shaolin and T'ai Chi,  spent 5 years the examination of 3° level of the instructor, the pupil, is recognised the level of Master.
The instructors' course is held by the Master Gianluigi Bestetti, helped by some senior instructors. Usually it takes place every month, on Sunday morning, from 9.00 to 1.00 a.m.
In agreement with other Associations of Kung Fu (Chang Style), it is possible to take part to the FESK Instructors' Course too.
The already Instructors may take part freely to the next courses.
The Instructors' Course has the aim to study, deepen and develop the inner side of the Kung Fu's practice. While the study of the techniques is left as part of each own Instructor's teaching.
The complete Instructors' Course includes the following subjects:
  1. Chinese ideograms (the most used in Kung Fu)
  2. Pictograms and execution of a Master Chang's painting
  3. I King
  4. The Master Chang's paintings.
  5. Fundamental "Laws" of the Chang School
  6. History of the Master Chang
  7. Teaching practice
  8. Philosophy
  9. Teachings (Zen, Chi Kung, breathing, etc.)
  10. Structure of the Kung Fu Chang  
  11. History of Kung Fu
  12. Taoism, Buddhism
  13. First Aid
  14. The meditations of Kung Fu
  15. Business management of an association

The symbol of both the Instructors' Course and the FESK, an Apricot Tree's Flower with five petals, has in addition a small "Half-Moon". Infact, the name, going along with this course, is "Reflection of the Western Half-Moon" (RWH).
The moon is the symbol of our way of understanding Kung Fu. We can understand the Eastern Teaching, especially the Chinese one of the Master Chang, only when it is "transformed", "digested" ("Reflection") by the Western mentality.
At the same time the moon shines not through its own light but through a reflected one, condition needed to look directly at it with open eyes. The "Transformation" work did by the experience of the FESK in Kung Fu, gives to everyone the opportunity to both practice and be guided by this discipline in the every day's life (Half-Moon).
The F. E. S. K, a half moon is symbolically assigned to apprentice (5° Chieh both Shaolin that of T'ai Chi) every five years.
                    Instructor' course "A" 2001                                               Instructor' course "B" 2003
                    Instructor' course "C" 2006                                            Instructor' course "D" 2009

                     Instructor' course "E" 2012