The F.E.S.K. Fong Ttai is a sports association aiming to develop and spread out the Martial Arts; it is affiliated to A.C.S.I., an organization of sports promotion recognised by CONI. The F.E.S.K. Fong Ttai was founded by Gianluigi Bestetti, at European level one of the most known Italian Kung Fu Master, and by some of his advanced scholars and assistants.
The aim of the Association is to keep, to spread, to study and to search out  the Kung Fu taught by the great Master Chang Dsu Yao in order to translate and transform the Oriental teaching, making it comprehensible to the Western mentality.
The concept of  Martial Discipline as Art, faraway from any either negative or superficial connotation, is the starting point for the F.E.S.K.'s activities. The Federation "Fong Ttai" Chinese name means, literally, "Abundance of peace".

The Founder fellows
Salvatore Pupo, Technical Director, 5th Chieh Tai Chi and 5th Chieh Shaolin/ Instr. 3rd Level
Domenico Laruffa, Counselor, 4rd Chieh Tai Chi/2st Chieh Shaolin/ Instr. 3rd Level
Alba Di Nolfi, Vice President, 4nd Chieh Tai Chi/2st Chieh Shaolin/Instr. 3rd Level
M° Gianluigi Bestetti, President, 6th Chieh Tai Chi and Shaolin
Claudia Angolani, Secretary, 3nd Chieh Tai Chi/2st Chieh Shaolin/Instr. 3rd Level

Some teachers and trainers from FESK present at the ceremony of Thè (2009)

Teachers, instructors and students advanced in the fesk (20 December 2008)