Kung Fu is a very ancient and noble Chinese Martial Art of defence, mother of all the Easter Martial Arts. Usually Kung Fu is classified in three big families of styles.
Speed, physical vigour and dynamism are the main characteristics of their techniques. Among the most important External Styles, we remind Shaolin, Pa Chi Ch' uan and Me Hua  Ch'uan.
In their forms, the development of the internal strength, concentration and self-control are dominating. Tai Chi Ch' uan, Hsing-I Ch'uan and Pa Qua Ch' uan are part of this family.
Or Chi-Kung that mean "do" (=Kung) "energy" (=Chi). These forms are often taught apart as proper disciplines. Actually they are intrinsic techniques of both the Internal and External Styles and in this way they are taught in the F.E.S.K.'s courses.

                                                        EXTERNAL STYLES
They are divided in three main branches:
Shaolin Ch'uan
It is the style of the famous Chinese Temple. According to the tradition it was taught by Bodidharma himself for defence and health. The techniques go from the study of free exercises (fists, fallings, kicks, levers) to the classic arms (singlestick, sabre, sword, etch.) Thanks to the completeness of the physical training, Shaolin can be practiced at any age and, in propaedeutic courses, also by children.
Pa  Chi  Ch'uan
The "Style of the Eight Directions", practiced with strength, vigour and technique, can be afforded after years of Shaolin training.
Me Hua Ch'uan
Or the "Style of the Flower-Apricot Tree" is at the height of the External Styles. At that time the physical vigour is becoming softness and circular fluidity

                                                                INTERNAL STYLES
They are divided in three main branches:
Tai Chi  Ch'uan
It is the most famous among the Internal Styles of Kung Fu and a proper martial discipline. It can be also practiced either as an anti-stress soft gym or as a dynamic meditation for the maintaining of health and the development of inner energy, concentration and self- control. Tai Chi Ch'uan can be practiced by everyone at any age.
Hsing-I  Ch'uan
Practicing the "Style of the Imitation of the Model", the person mingles with the 5 elements and the 12 animals, not only imitating their gestures but even feeling their deep meanings. This style is a refined evolution of Tai Chi.
 Pa Qua Ch'uan
The "Styles of the 8 trigrams" is the most advanced form among the Internal Styles and presupposes first the knowledge of all the techniques of Kung Fu and second the study of its theoretical basis, the Taoist texts and the "I-Ching".